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7 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India – Buying Guide & Reviews

Which is the best vacuum cleaner to buy in 2021? We have 7 shortlisted suggestions for you.
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Keeping your home clean and healthy needs a good quality vacuum cleaners to remove all microscopic dust particles and impurities in the air such as dust mites, pollen, and animal dander. A vacuum cleaner is a handheld and portable home appliance, also known as a hoover or sweeper. It helps in cleaning the house easily by sucking dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles on floors, mats, pet furs, and car interiors using an air pump.

In India, several high-quality brands of vacuum cleaners are available in the market, but choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home may be difficult if you don’t know the key features and best brands of this product. With a good cleaner, more than 60% of the workload is reduced as compared to manual cleaners, but a bad quality vacuum cleaner will not give good cleaning. This is the reason you should see the purchase of a vacuum cleaner as a health investment.

If you are planning to purchase this machine but are ignorant on how to choose the best vacuum cleaner in India, then you need to go through every word in this guide to gain knowledge on how to choose the best of this cleaning device. Different types of vacuum cleaners are available for different purposes, which may depend on the structure of the design and applications.

There are six types of vacuum cleaners which may include Canister vacuum cleaner, Hand-held vacuum cleaner, Upright vacuum cleaner, Stick vacuum cleaner, Convertible vacuum cleaner, and Robotic vacuum cleaner.

There is no “One Size Fits All” type of vacuum cleaner.  If you are asthmatic or allergic to dust and impurities, then a vacuum cleaner that has the ability to get rid of these allergens from your home should be your best choice.

Vacuum cleaners with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter eliminate 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger from the air.

With this guide, choosing the best vacuum cleaner in India is made easy because all the important features to consider when buying this appliance will be explained.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for your Home – 11 Key Aspects to Consider

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner in India may be difficult and frustrating because of the numerous brands available. However, there are certain parameters which should be considered when selecting the right cleaner. Such parameters include filters, noise interference, type of vacuum cleaner, and storage capacity. Other features considered as smart options include variable suction power, telescopic wand, blower, and turbo head.

In this section, we will explain the factors that may help you make the right decision to satisfy your needs.

  1. Bag or Bag-less

Some vacuum cleaners such as Canister vacuum cleaners have a bag in the container, while others like Upright vacuum cleaners, may give you the option of using either a reusable bin or disposable bag. Bags are easy to discard and they hold more dirt and dust, but it’s difficult to know when to dispose of it unless you remove them to check.

On the other hand, you can easily know the volume of dirt and empty the content of the reusable bin since they are transparent. You don’t need to spend money on bags, although the filter will need routine maintenance.

  1. Wet/dry

With this vacuum cleaner, you are able to clean wet floors. It is mostly used at bars and restaurants to pick up glass particles, drinks, or water spilled on carpets and floors. You can easily use it to clean the bathroom floor instead of mopping them.

  1. HEPA Filter

Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. They can remove 99.97% of very tiny particles of pollen, dust, and dirt of 0.3 microns from room air.

The mesh-like glass fiber of this filter enables it to trap minute particles. The HEPA filters are highly efficient for cleaning room air, and this is suitable for asthma patients or people with difficulties in breathing.

Other types of filters are available. They include Charcoal filter, Disk filter, Foam filter, and a Cloth filter.

  1. Noise level

Some vacuum cleaners emit a considerable amount of noise, while others may produce unbearable sounds due to Cyclonic actions.

Noise level is a factor to be considered in choosing the best vacuum cleaner. The noise level in this appliance is measured in decibel (dB), and the normal operating noise level for a vacuum cleaner is 60-68dB, but there are some that produce a sound of 70-77dB.

  1. Portability

Portability is important when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. If the cleaner is light and portable, moving it from one part of the house to another will be easier. You should know the areas you would use the cleaner before deciding on the type to purchase. A cleaner that is cumbersome and heavy would be difficult to move about.

  1. Cord/Cordless

Several vacuum cleaners have cords while others are cordless, but the tangling of the cord is the main reason people prefer the cordless type.

There are cleaners with power cords that are retractable, but the battery-operated, wireless vacuum cleaners are mostly preferred, though they need frequent charging for better efficiency.

  1. Durability

The quality of material used for a vacuum cleaner and its durability ensures that the cleaner has a strong build and it is long-lasting.

  1. Capacity

Always consider the dust bin capacity of a vacuum cleaner before purchase. Whether it is a bag or bag-less type, the larger the storage capacity, the less often you need to change the bag or filter. For large spaces such as halls, a large-sized vacuum cleaner is preferred.

  1. Usage/Priority

Setting the right priority and understanding your usage of the vacuum cleaner will help you make the right decision in purchasing the best vacuum cleaner in India. This means that you should always know your preference before purchase.

The information below may guide you better:

  • For upholstery, choose Stick and Hand-held vacuum cleaners.
  • For difficult access areas, choose Stick and Canister vacuum cleaners.
  • For cleaning of carpets/floors, choose Upright, Robotic, and Canister vacuum cleaners.
  • Presence of asthma patients, go for bagged vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.
  • For electronic items and computers, choose Hand-held cleaners.
  • Presence of pets, purchase HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.
  1. Suction power

Suction power in vacuum cleaners is measured in Volts (Volts), and the higher the voltage of a cleaner, the more its suction power to remove particles of dust and dirt. Some cleaners have adjustable suction power used for cleaning items such as glass and curtains.

  1. Warranty/Price

Most brands of this machine are sold at a higher price, but this does not guarantee the best performance or quality. Ensure that you check other brands with the same features but offered at a lower price with a warranty.

You can list out the models you prefer according to the useful features, price, and warranty, then select the one that best satisfies your requirements.

Now, let’s review the different brands of the best vacuum cleaners in India and select the top picks that give value for money.

7 Best Vacuum Cleaners In India – Our Top Picks

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Image Geyser Name Our Rating Price (Amazon affiliate links)
Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-free Vacuum (Copper) 9.5 Check Price
Dyson V7 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner 9.3 Check Price
Inalsa Spruce – 1200W Vacuum Cleaner 9.1 Check Price
Karcher WD3 Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaner 8.9 Check Price
Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 8.5 Check Price
American Micronic – AMI – VCD21 – 1600WDX Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 8.3 Check Price
Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force Vacuum Cleaner 8.1 Check Price

Reviews of Top Vacuum Cleaners in India – Detailed Comparison


Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-free Vacuum (Copper)

Dyson Ltd. was first established in the UK in 1991 by Sir James Dyson. It is a technology company that designs and manufactures home appliances such as air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, hair and hand dryers, lights, and bladeless fans.

In January 2019, plans were concluded to move the Company’s headquarters to Singapore and focus on Asian trade due to bureaucratic restrictions in the United Kingdom.

Before Dyson entered India in February 2018, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners had low patronage, but with the introduction of their air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and dryers, the Company’s market presence in India began to grow with these new products.

Currently, Dyson has innovated new and modern technologies in vacuum cleaners which offers a more suction power to clean all types of floors. This power is embedded in the latest technology of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners, which makes movement easy while cleaning.


Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-free Vacuum is a thin and lightweight cleaning machine with good suction power to get rid of dirt and dust. Microscopic dust, bacteria, and pollen are also removed by generating a force of more than 79,000G, thanks to the 14 cyclones concentric innovative technology.

It gives deep and thorough cleaning of all corners with its suction power of up to 130 AW, generated by spinning at 125,000 revolutions per minute. 99.97% of microscopic dust as small as 0.3 microns are captured by the machine’s filtration.

This dust is prevented from escaping into the room by the fully-sealed filtration system. This allows the machine to expel clean air, and it’s certified as asthma and allergy-friendly. Fine dust and large debris are eliminated at the same time with Soft Roller Cleaner Head.

Another important feature of this cleaner is the Direct Drive Cleaner Head which helps remove dirt in carpets by sucking deeper into it. It is suitable for removing pet hair from car seats and furniture using the stiff nylon bristles.

There are 7 attachments that come with this cleaner to help take care of different functions in cleaning the home or car. These attachments include Crevice tool, Extension hose, Combination tool, Mini-Soft dusting brush, Up-Top adaptor, Mini-Motorized tool, and Upholstery tool.

You can eject and empty debris and dust into a bin without touching the dirt by using the ‘Point and Shoot’ bin emptying mechanism. This mechanism is a docking station whose function is to charge the machine and store additional attachments safely.

It can be converted to a handheld machine easily for reaching certain heights. It has a bin size of 0.76 liters and the added attachments help to boost your cleaning experience.

Dyson V10 Cord-free vacuum has three power modes (low, medium, and high) for a different purpose-designed to clean tiles, carpets, and hardwood. It has a standby battery time of 60 minutes on a single charge that lasts up to 3.5 hours. This machine’s battery is only being used when the trigger on the machine is pulled.


  • Dimension – 25.6 * 25 * 123.2cm
  • Weight – 6.12kg
  • Suction Power – Up to 130AW
  • Charge time – 3.5hours
  • Run time – 60minutes
  • Additional tools – 7 additional tools
  • Dust bin capacity – 0.76L
  • Type of material – Plastic
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Portable, cordless, and lightweight
  • Powerful suction
  • Suitable for carpets, sofa, tiles, and upholstery
  • Not suitable for a wet surface
  • The battery doesn’t last on maximum mode

Dyson V7 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a household name and one of the best brands in vacuum cleaning. They manufacture robust, reliable, and innovative machines, most of which are recognized as the world best vacuum cleaners.

In 2017, they released Dyson V7 range embedded with good features and placed between the V6 and V8 models.

Dyson V7 Cord-free cleaner is preferred by many happy customers due to its pet-hair bursting ability. Though it’s not as powerful as Dyson’s flagship vacuum – Dyson V10 Absolute Pro, but it’s a high-quality vacuum that may support your existing cleaner. Dyson V7 remains the best for most customers due to its cleaning power and value for money.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner available in India for removing pet hair, you will definitely end your search with Dyson, but you must be ready to pay more for top quality.


Dyson V7 Animal Cord-free vacuum can be used on all floor types. It is cordless, hassle-free, and will transform your cleaning experience.

Ground-in dirt on the carpet is removed with the Direct Drive Cleaner Head, by driving bristles into the carpet. This machine can be converted easily into a handheld device for spot cleaning, cleaning heights, quick cleanups, and difficult corners.

It’s capable of generating a powerful fade-free suction of up to 100AW for 30 minutes with its Dyson digital motor V7 and empties the content of the bin in one action with the hygienic dirt ejector so that you avoid touching the dirt.

The 15 small cyclone technology of this device generates forces to fling dust into the bin and the machine filtration captures 99.97% of microscopic dust as small as 0.3 microns but expels cleaner air, thus certifying it as asthma and allergy-friendly.

Dyson V7 comes with three power modes for a different purpose and the maximum mode when selected, provides powerful suction for difficult stains for 6 minutes.

The docking station of Dyson V7 Animal Cord-free vacuum stores four additional attachment that comes with the machine which includes a Crevice tool, Combination tool, Mini-soft Dusting Brush, and Mini-motorized tool.

This docking station is also responsible for smart charging of the machine. It is important to mention that the trigger of this device releases instantly so that the battery power is only used for cleaning.


  • Dimension – 23 × 19 × 120cm
  • Weight – 2.3kg
  • Suction power – 100AW (max mode)
  • Rechargeable battery – Yes
  • Charge time – 3.5hours
  • Run time – Up to 30 minutes
  • Dust bin capacity – 0.54L
  • Type of material – Plastic
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Good quality
  • Lightweight, quiet, and well-balanced
  • Suitable for pet-hair removal
  • Good for all floor types
  • Easy emptying
  • Brilliance is not cheap

Inalsa Spruce – 1200W Vacuum Cleaner

Inalsa is a home appliance company founded in 1967 with headquarters in Spain. It is one of the best brands of small home appliances in India and the preferred choice for consumers in the country.

As a subsidiary of Taurus Group, it is a popular brand in Europe with its products in the market since 1962.

Inalsa offers high-quality products and services to consumers, complies with ROHS, CE, ISI, and GS test standards, and follows ISO quality assurance systems. Their products are manufactured with good materials and well-designed to comply with strict quality testing.

From its inception, Inalsa is known for innovation and quality, and this is evident in all their brand of vacuum cleaners.


Inalsa Spruce 1200W vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners in India with excellent performance and strong suction power to make cleaning easy.

It is compact, lightweight, and well-designed, thus making it easy to be carried about. Its portable design also makes storage easier. This cleaning machine comes with overheat protection feature that guards it against overloading, overheating, and fluctuations in voltage.

It is not a cordless vacuum but has a cable retractor feature that rewinds the power cord automatically. The suction power of this device can be adjusted with the pressure control feature.

Inalsa Spruce is a bagged vacuum with an indicator that will alert you when the dirt-bag needs to be emptied, to avoid a drop in the suction power. It can reach a height of 22 feet when its 8 feet hose is combined with the 14 feet cord.

All dust and allergens are removed by the filter, while upholstery, carpets, under floors and furniture are cleaned by the multi-surface design brush. It also has good mobility with its rotation wheel of 360 degrees.


  • Dimension – 23.5 × 34.5 × 43.5cm
  • Weight – 2.8kg
  • Suction power – 1200W
  • Dust bin capacity – 2 liters washable cloth dust bag
  • Type of material – Steel
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • It’s affordable
  • Can be carried and stored easily
  • Smart indicator for dust bag full
  • 22 feet cleaning reach
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Thermal overheat protection
  • Adjustable and strong suction power
  • Washable dust bag cloth
  • Cord retractor for the power cord
  • Not suitable for wet cleaning
  • Does not clean the cement floor

Karcher WD3 Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher is a Germany-based family-owned business company, famous for manufacturing well-designed, sophisticated, high-pressure, and user-friendly cleaning systems.

In India, Karcher is preferred to other vacuum cleaners for its efficiency and durability, and it’s a household name for cleaners in some parts of the world. Their products can be used for outdoor cleaning and cars.

Aside from vacuum cleaners, other products they manufacture include floor scrubbers, container cleaners, air purifiers, and care products.

Karcher WD3 wet and the dry vacuum cleaner is a best-seller in vacuum cleaners and it’s accepted worldwide for performance and quality. This is due to the German technology features at its best.


Karcher WD3 multipurpose vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 17 liters and can be moved easily. It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner used for different surfaces such as hard floors, carpets, and tiles. It is attractive due to its bright color and can be stored in a small space in the kitchen because of its portability.

This powerful WD3 multipurpose vacuum cleaner has a motor power of 1000W. It is robust and its plastic container can withstand a high level of impact. It is equipped with a removable cartridge filter which makes it possible for wet and dry dirt to be removed conveniently without replacing the filter. Dirt and debris are easily vacuumed with the blower function in hidden areas and corners.

The pull/push locking system of this cleaning machine makes it easy for the dirt-bag container to be opened and closed. With the ergonomically shaped carrying handle, this device can be moved easily and safely from place to place, and very handy for cleaning radiators.

Karcher WD3 comes with a suction hose of 2meters, a diameter of 35mm and includes 0.5m suction tubes for extra protection. Additional accessories accompanying this device are Bristle brush (hard), Extra extension tubes, and Car tool. Other accessories can be purchased separately if you need them.

Karcher WD3 releases 75dB of noise despite its strong performance. Though it is not noiseless but doesn’t cause disturbance or damage.

With this device, you can remove dust from radiators, clean moisture from carpets, and clear the garage/workshops.


  • Dimension – 34 × 38.8 × 50.3cm
  • Weight – 5.8kg
  • Motor power – 1000W
  • Dust bin capacity – 17 liters
  • Type of material – Plastic
  • Operating voltage – 220-240Volts
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Lightweight and attractive design
  • Suitable for wet and dry floors
  • Great suction power
  • Large storage bin
  • Convenient and easy to transport
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Pull/push locking system
  • Inefficient blower
  • Suction power is not adjustable

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Philips India limited is a foremost technology company with its primary focus on lighting, electronics, and healthcare.

Founded by Frederik Philips and Gerald Philips in 1891, this Dutch technology brand is headquartered in Amsterdam and was recognized in 2013 as the world’s largest manufacturer in its product category.

It is an affiliate of Royal Philips of the Netherlands, focusing on health improvements for a better outcome.

In India, this brand is like the mother of all brands for everything related to lighting and electronics. Consumers are so comfortable with the Philips brand such that, they don’t care about the product specifications anymore.

Philips uses advanced and innovative technology with the consumer’s opinion to offer integrated solutions. The company leads in the area of image-guided therapy, consumer health, diagnostic imaging, health informatics, patient monitoring, and home care.

They manufacture sophisticated vacuum cleaners as one of their home-care products. One of these is the Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless vacuum cleaner.


Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless vacuum cleaner has the ability to separate air from dust with Power Cyclone 5 technology. Its strong swirling action maximizes efficiency and the flow of air.

This bag-less vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power of 1900W, for removing dirt and debris stocked on a particular place. It also has a durable EPA10 filter to get rid of dust mites and maintains clean air.

Hair and other impurities on furniture, carpet, and floors, are removed by a turbo brush attachment. Upholstery, flat surface, and furniture are cleaned thoroughly with the Soft Brush head.

Philips PowerPro is compact and lightweight. It can be transported easily from place to place because of the large wheel roller support.

Underneath the sofas and difficult-to-reach corners can be cleaned easily with the Crevice tool without moving your furniture. Don’t worry about how to attach the nozzles because it takes a few seconds to achieve that with the Active lock feature.

Philips PowerPro has a dust container of 1.5liter capacity, which can be emptied easily without messing your hands with dirt.

Once you’ve finished the cleaning, you don’t have to rewind the cord manually, just press the cable retractor button and the cord will rewind automatically.


  • Dimension – 28.1 × 41 × 24.7cm
  • Weight – 4.5kg
  • Suction Power – 1900W
  • Dustbin capacity – 1.5liters
  • Type of material – Plastic
  • Filter system – EPA10 filter
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Strong suction power
  • Power Cyclone 5 Tech removes dust completely
  • Easy to move about
  • Heavy and difficult to lift
  • Not suitable for wet cleaning

American Micronic – AMI – VCD21 – 1600WDX Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

American Micronic Instruments (India) Private Limited is a company with a focus on the manufacture of high-quality products with innovative technologies that contribute to healthy living in the society.

They operate with strong values, simple philosophy, and high standards which influences what they do. They conduct a routine assessment of their products to ensure durability, standard, and quality, to meet the demands of their customers. This machine is upgraded with the best features, stainless steel material, good plastic, and reusable dust bag.

The range of products of the American Micronic Instrument (India) Private Limited includes home, kitchen, and cleaning appliances. This company maintains the high standard of the quality of their products from planning, design, and manufacture.

Also, they are very sensitive to the needs of society and possess the skills to consolidate those needs in product manufacturing. They manufacture several types of vacuum cleaners of different dust bin capacity and one of their best products is the American Micronic – AMI – VCD21 – 1600WDX vacuum cleaner.


The American Micronic 1600W vacuum cleaner is a reliable and durable cleaning device, designed to meet your home or office needs with its sleek design, impactful plastic body, and great cleaning ability suitable for wet and dry areas. Its suction mechanism is a superior quality which removes both solid and liquid particles with ease.

This vacuum cleaner is operated by a powerful motor of 1600W which can remove the smallest particles of dirt with the HEPA filter. With this device, you don’t have to worry about pet hairs, dirt, and tough stains, because it removes them with a snap into the 21liters stainless steel tank.

This American Micronic vacuum cleaner operates at a voltage of 220V and provides excellent airflow rate. You can do more by using the different accessories that come with it which include carpet and floor brush, upholstery nozzle, hose pipe, wet brush, extension pipe (2), and crevice nozzle.

It is equipped with a reusable dust bag and a blower to get rid of dirt and dust into the trash can. This blower also removes scum from tough areas.

It has an advanced technology which protects it from damage due to fluctuations in voltage by automatically shutting-off power from the machine.


  • Dimension – 57.6 × 38.1 × 40.6cm
  • Weight – 8.76kg
  • Motor power – 1600W
  • Dust bag capacity – 21liters
  • Body material – Stainless steel
  • Operating voltage – 220V
  • Filter system – HEPA filter
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Strong suction power
  • Good quality materials
  • Suitable for wet and dry cleaning
  • Reusable dust bag
  • HEPA filter for cleaner air
  • Thermal overload cut-off feature
  • Good blower function
  • Excellent airflow rate
  • No speed mode control settings
  • No dust level indicator

Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes came into existence in 1982 and has been putting smiles on the faces of their customers by providing a safe and healthy living, free from pollutants, impurities, and allergens.

As a subsidiary of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, they are a multi-channel and multi-product company with millions of satisfied and happy customers across major towns and cities of India and the world.

Their products in cleaning/security systems, water/air purification system categories are known for quality, reliability, and durability. For the cleaning category, Euroclean range of vacuum cleaners seems to be their best product.

The company is one of India’s top 5 best employers, and they are a foremost direct selling company in India with numerous international awards for its innovations in technology.

However, they believe that relationships motivate them to realize their vision of a safe, healthy, and happy environment, free from pollution.


For a healthy living, it is necessary to clean a house though tiresome and time-consuming. This stress can be eliminated with the Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force vacuum cleaner.

If you’re considering buying the best vacuum cleaner in India, suitable for wet and dry cleaning, then you should give this a try because of its attractive features.

Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-force vacuum cleaner operates with a good motor power of 1400W. It has a dust bag capacity of 3liters with an indicator to alert the user when the bin is completely filled, and the canister can be emptied easily and fitted back for reuse.

The blower effectiveness of this cleaner is about 30 to 35 liters/sec. It can also be moved easily with the wheels attached to it. This Euroclean X-force cleaner has various accessories used for reaching difficult corners.

It is embedded with a good technology known as wet pickup technology, which absorbs dirt or spills from floors or carpets. Nooks and corners are accessed by using the detachable nozzles, and your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned by using the brushes with spray and vaporizers.

Cleaning of floors and carpets using this Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-force vacuum cleaner is done with less effort by using the handheld cleaning stick.


  • Dimension – 45 × 26 × 27cm
  • Weight – 8.85kg
  • Motor Power – 1400W
  • Dust bin capacity – 3liters
  • Operating voltage – 230V
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Indicator for dust bag full
  • Durable
  • Good suction power
  • Easy to use
  • Noisy
  • Poor quality accessories

Wrapping up

This buying guide and reviews are made up of the best vacuum cleaners in India with brands such as Dyson, Inalsa, Karcher, Philips, American Micronic, and Eureka Forbes.

Ultimately a decent vacuum cleaner should be able to offer effective cleaning services in the home, office, or anywhere. It also must ensure high-quality dust filtering with a good filter, to release only clean air back into the room. It must be also able to remove dirt and debris from wet and dry surfaces. Also, vacuum cleaners with high suction power are more effective in cleaning than others with low suction power by removing all ground-in dirt and impurities from carpets, floors, upholstery, and furniture.

If you are looking for an all-round product, we felt Karcher WD3 Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner and American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDX vacuum cleaner, will give you great value for money and also satisfy your needs in-home cleaning.

Currently, Karcher WD3 Multipurpose vacuum cleaner is a best seller in vacuum cleaners due to its advanced technological features.

Have you used any of the vacuum cleaners listed above? What is your experience with using any of these?

Please share with us.

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