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7 Best RO Water Purifiers in India in 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews


India has different sources of drinking water due to its geographical structure. Water is sourced from rivers and lakes in Central India, underground water in Down South, and bore wells in the desert region of Rajasthan. This variation in sources of water implies that a particular type of RO water purifiers is not suitable for every source.

There are various trends of water purifiers available in the Indian market. They include RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifiers, UV (Ultraviolet) purifiers, gravity purifiers, water softeners, sediment purifiers, and UF (Ultrafiltration) purifiers.

A new technology called Livpure’s i-taste RO water purifier, allow consumers to customize their preferred taste of water. Consumers can also access water purifiers remotely through a Wi-Fi enabled water purification system.

Two types of RO (reverse osmosis) water purifiers are available in the Indian market: the Under-sink RO water purifier and Wall-mounted RO water purifier.

The Under-sink RO water purifier is less popular in India but mostly used in countries like the USA, UK, and UAE, while the Wall-mounted type RO water purifier is popular in India.

These RO water purifiers store purified water in the storage tank, and it is available at any time without the use of electricity. For this reason, they are called Storage type RO water purifiers

How to Choose the Best RO Water Purifier?

Water Purifiers are necessary for every home because it provides safe and healthy drinking water at all times. It may be difficult to choose the best RO water purifiers in India considering the several models available.

Nevertheless, if you can conduct thorough research on the features and factors to consider when choosing the best RO water purifier for your home, then you’ll not fail in your purchase decision.

You can go through this complete buying guide in selecting the best RO water purifier in India.

  1. Quality of water

One of the most important factors to consider is the quality of water in your environment. This will determine the type of water purifier you may need in your home.

There are different kinds of filters and features available for all purifiers, meant for a specific purpose. But it’s helpful to know the quality of water first before purchasing a purifier. There are specific filters for hard or soft water, contaminated water, and water with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

TDS comprises organic substances in minute quantity and inorganic salts dissolved in water. If the water is hard with a high TDS level, it means that such water has a high salt content. Then, using the RO water purifier with a good filter is better. However, if the water is soft with low TDS, the best purification could be done with a multi-level carbon filter.

  1. Storage tank

Storage capacity is another critical factor in choosing the best RO water purifier in India. Some purifiers have a large storage tank that is suitable for a big family. The purification and storage capacity must be able to cater to your daily needs.

If the purification is for commercial purposes, it is necessary to purchase a purifier with adequate storage. In this case, a free-flowing water filter is perfect, though they have a low purification process. It is advisable to go for the one with good storage and a normal purification process.

An automatic purifier is a good option in that it filters water to the tank automatically, as soon as the water level goes down. This will give you a constant supply of water.

  1. Brand

Selecting the best brand is an important factor to consider before purchasing the best RO water purifier in India. Most of the RO water purifiers has a good reputation and great customer feedback, while some are new brands.

It is better to choose a brand known for manufacturing good quality water purifiers with great reputation and feedback. Also, their certifications and brand symbols will help you make good decisions.

  1. Contamination

Water contains nitrate, suspended solids, and industrial waste, virus, bacteria, chemicals, and pesticides. These render the water harmful and dangerous to the body.

Contamination is lower in mountains but higher in rural areas and cities. If your water has a high level of contamination, then choose a purifier with UV+UF+RO, which has the highest ability to remove TDS from water. Also, for groundwater with sediments and bacteria, a multilevel carbon filter is better.

Some water purifiers are only meant for a particular type of contamination, so you must know the contamination in your water supply to decide the filters that are best for you.

  1. Maintenance / after-sales service

Regular maintenance is needed by this product periodically. The cartridge will need replacement at least once or twice in a year, and some filters require periodic maintenance of six months.

In this case, you must be sure that the after-sales service of the brand you purchase is active, thus making the maintenance more budget-friendly.

Also, go for brands with good customer support to lay complaints about the product easily.

  1. Budget

Budget is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing the best RO water purifier. Most people opt for their first water purifier in a low budget and neglect the important features to look for in the product.

However, it is not advisable to start with a more expensive model that you may not afford but never compromise on the price of filters and features. There are good models at a moderate price with all the essential features and great options.

  1. Certification and warranty

Ensure that you purchase a genuine and quality water filter by checking the certification of the product. Also, confirm the warranty of the purifier.

Now that you’re loaded with this information, let’s compare the different brands available to make a good choice of the Best RO Water Purifier in India.

7 Best RO Water Purifiers in India – Our Top Picks for July 2021

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Image Model Name Super Seven Rating Price (Amazon affiliate links)
backpac Kent Grand Plus 8-liter Mineral RO+UV/UF Water Purifier 9.5 Check Price
backpac Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier 9.3 Check Price
cordlessblower Kent Grand 8-liters Wall-mountable RO+UV/UF+TDS Water Purifier 9.0 Check Price
cordlessblower Havells Max 7-liters RO+UV Water Purifier 8.8 Check Price
cordlessblower Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-liter Water Purifier 8.5 Check Price
cordlessblower HAVELLS Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier 8.3 Check Price
cordlessblower EUREKA FORBES Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UV+MTDS 6-liters Burgundy Water Purifier 8.2 Check Price

Reviews of Top RO Water Purifier in India – Comparison


AO SmithKent Grand Plus 8-liter Mineral RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

Kent is recognized as the most trusted manufacturer in the category of RO water purifiers. 

They are the first to introduce the RO technology water purifiers in India with a vision to provide a healthy living at all times. 

This brand opened its doors for business in India in 1999, and today, it is the largest water purifier manufacturers in the country. 

The Kent brand brought forth the RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller purification technology that filters water efficiently without destroying the essential natural minerals in it. 

This advancement in technology from Kent is globally recognized, and they are certified by prestigious certifying agencies worldwide. 

They offer diverse healthcare products such as cleaners, HEPA air purifiers, and water softeners. Kitchen appliances like Smart Chef are also one of their products. 

Kent uses an innovative approach to provide solutions and offer protection from diseases harmful to the body.


  • Dimensions – 39 × 25.5 × 53.5cm
  • Weight – 8.4kg
  • Storage Capacity – 8litres
  • Body material – ABS food grade plastic
  • Installation type – Wall-mounting 
  • Purification capacity – up to 20liters per hour 
  • Filter cartridges – Sediment, carbon block filter, UF & post carbon 
  • Maximum duty cycle – 100l/day
  • Purification technology – RO+UV+UF+TDS 
  • Power consumption – 60W
  • UV lamp wattage – 11W
  • Booster pump voltage – 24Vdc
  • Input power supply – 220VAC, 50Hz


The Kent Grand Plus is an advanced water purifier with RO TM technology and TDS controllers which purifies water and make it safe for drinking.

During the filtration process, the essential mineral is lost but this new Kent Grand Plus as a mineral RO water purifier, adds essential minerals to the water through the built-in TDS controller to give refreshing and healthier drinking water.

It has a double water purification process with RO+UV+UF to remove dissolved impurities and store the purified water in its 8 liters storage tank. These impurities may include bacteria, salts, viruses, and chemicals. It is also certified as the best water purifier for families in India with a budget-friendly price.

Kent water purifier is a universal water filter ideal for all categories of water such as saltwater, municipal water treated with chemicals, tap water, and underground water. It has computer-controlled features such as UV failure alarm and filter change alarm.

The UV failure alarm gives a signal when the UV lamp stops functioning to ensure convenience and safety. The filter change alarm indicates when the filter is due for replacement.

  • Has a water level indicator
  • Double purification with RO and UV/UF
  • Filter change and UV fail alarm
  • TDS controller for mineral retention
  • 8-liter storage
  • 1-year warranty + 3-years free service
  • High maintenance cost
  • Poor customer support

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

This water purifier is affordable and reliable for water filtering. It offers 6 stages of water purification with RO+UV+MTDS and stores the purified water in its 6-liters storage capacity.

It is designed to be lightweight and compact with an LED indicator for error alert and purification status. It has a smart voltage guard of 150V to 270V, to protect the product from any abnormal voltage.

Eureka Forbes water purifier is an RO-type filter with the best customer service. The brand has a large service network across towns and cities in India.

Since the introduction of this Eureka Forbes Reverse Osmosis water purifier, it has gained rapid popularity, and currently, it is the bestseller on Amazon India due to its affordability.

Eureka Forbes is known for higher product prices, but due to strong competition from new players in the market, offering quality water purifiers at a moderate price, they have no choice than slashing the price of their products.

It is one of the best choices in water purification and highly experienced in providing decent drinking water to millions of Indians. It is also a good purchase decision if what you need from a water filter are reliable water purification and customer support.

It comes with a TDS controller for adjusting the taste of water to your preference depending on the water source which may likely be bore well, tap water, or tanker.


  • Dimension – 31.8 * 20.5 * 46cm
  • Weight – 5.6kg
  • Storage capacity — 6 liters
  • Body material — Food grade plastic
  • Installation type — Wall mounting, tabletop
  • Purifying technology — 6-stage RO+UV+MTDS
  • Filter replacement cycle — 6000 liters
  • Operating voltage — 150V to 270V AC/50Hz
  • Warranty — 1 year
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 6-stage RO+UV+MTDS
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Automatic power OFF to save energy
  • Great value for money
  • Silent operation
  • Good customer support
  • Tap is inferior
  • Small storage capacity

Kent Grand 8-liters Wall-mountable RO+UV/UF+TDS Water Purifier

Kent is known for its quality home appliances and healthcare products, but recently, their water purifiers dominate the Indian market as the most trusted and preferred brand of water filters. The purifiers made by Kent uses advanced features such as mineral RO technology, double purification, and Save Water technology.

Kent Grand 8-liters wall-mountable RO water purifier provides clean drinking water using advanced water filtering technology. The Reverse Osmosis membrane at the center of this purifier has tiny pores of 0.0001 microns, which removes all dissolved impurities such as salt from hard water to give sweet and pure drinking water.

It also has a TDS controller which allow customers to adjust the taste of water to their preferred taste to satisfy their needs. This purifier has 7 stages of purification with RO+UV+UF+TDS control, and stores purified water in the 8-liters storage tank.

The transparent cover and attractive design of this product give a new look to any place it is mounted. It can be used conveniently in a restaurant, kitchen, or office.

With its water level indicator, you’re able to know the level of water in the storage tank since it is transparent.

Customers can retain the natural mineral content in the purified water according to their preference, thanks to the TDS controller. This ensures a healthier benefit of purified water.

Kent Grand 8-liters RO+UV/UF+TDS water purifier is designed with high-end technology and the body is made of ABS plastic, to avoid water wastage and leakage.

The purifier stops automatically when the tank is full and only restarts when there is a drop in the water level. Also, it does not start at low water supply pressure below 0.3kg/cm.

This purifier offers purer water by activating the alarm if the UV lamp is bad. When the filter is due for replacement, the alarm is also activated.


  • Dimension — 40 * 25 * 52cm
  • Weight — 11.4kg
  • Storage capacity — 8liters
  • Body material — Food grade plastic
  • Installation type — Wall-mounted design
  • Purification technology — RO+UV+UF+TDS mineralizer water purification
  • Purification capacity — 15liters per hour
  • UV lamp — 11W
  • Maximum duty cycle — 75liters/day
  • Operating voltage — 100V to 300V AC/50Hz
  • Good quality product
  • Purifies all sources of water
  • Has purification capacity of 15 liters/hour
  • Retains essential minerals
  • UV lamp eliminates pathogens
  • No indicator for water level
  • High maintenance cost of the filter

Havells Max 7-liters RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells India Ltd is known globally as a high quality, Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company with a good distribution network. 

They are the manufacturers of power equipment such as cables and wires, power capacitor, fans, motors, electric water heater, home appliances, air conditioners, and others.

This Company is the first to introduce a brand showroom concept galaxy for electrical appliances, and today, there are hundreds of Havells Galaxies in the country, to help customers to choose from varieties of products available. 

Havells also offer ‘Havells Connect’ to make it easy for customers to access quality services at their doorstep.


  • Dimension — 27.3 * 38.2 * 49cm
  • Weight — 8kg
  • Storage capacity — 7liters
  • Body material — Food safe
  • Installation type — Wall-mounted design, table top
  • Purification technology — RO+UV technology
  • Purification stages — 7-stage purification
  • UV lamp — 4W
  • Purification capacity — 15liters/hour
  • Power rating (max) — 45W
  • Input voltage range — 230V, 50Hz


Havells Max 7-liters RO+UV water purifier has a unique appearance and designed to fit easily in a corner, mounted on a wall, or placed on a table top. It has a 7-stage good purification system with germicidal UV-C, but with a high cost of maintenance.

Water molecules are restructured by Re-vitalizer to improve mineral absorption, hydration, and alkalinity. The PH of purified water is corrected by the Mineral technology to render it safe for drinking.

This water purifier is embedded with more vital features for convenience such as iProtect auto water cut-off, and alert for a tank full, self-diagnostic, low water pressure, the purification process, and error alerts for pump failure, UV, and SV.

During purification, water first passes through the RO membrane before UV purification takes place to ensure complete filtering of the water. This entire process is monitored by iProtect Purification monitoring.

The purifier also has an electrical protection system which ensures that the product maintains its best performance in the voltage range of 170V to 330V. If the supplied voltage is below 170V or exceeds 330V, power trips to avoid damage to the purifier.

Its unique soft-touch faucet gives benefits such as zero splashes, hygienic water, and smooth water flow.

To avoid the invasion of dust particles and insects, the tank cover has Ingress protection, and the water tank can be removed easily for cleaning purpose.

Havell offers a good and reliable product to its consumers, and installation is done by their competent installers. Also, you can contact their post-sales service if you encounter challenges.

The company offers a warranty plan to its customers for one year, and it involves checking the product by service personnel periodically, to ensure that it’s working efficiently. They also check the filters to know how they function, check for technical or mechanical issues, and prevent the growth of microbiological impurities.

  • Unique design and appearance
  • 7-stage water purification
  • Electrical protection feature
  • Transparent water tank
  • Glass holder
  • High maintenance cost

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-liter Water Purifier

Blue Star delivers excellent cooling and purification requirements to its customers for public and private purpose. 

They also offer expert support for activities like plumbing, electrical, industrial projects, and fire-fighting. Other businesses they handle include maintenance of electronics and industrial products and marketing. 

Blue Star is a major player in water cooling for several years and provides good services to schools, factories, offices, hospitals, and hotels. Currently, they are the largest exporter of water coolers in India. 

The Company is one of the largest distributors of water dispensers to offices and establishments in India. Due to the strong connection the company has with water, they launched their water purifiers in 2016 to support this bond.

The water purifiers offered by Blue Star is pure and healthy with great after-sales service to build a relationship with customers.


  • Dimension — 34.2 * 20.5 * 45cm
  • Weight — 8kg
  • Storage capacity — 7liters
  • Installation type — Wall mounting
  • Purification technology — RO+UV
  • Purification Stages — 6 stage purification process
  • Purification capacity — 12liters/hour
  • Type of membrane — RO membrane
  • Power rating (max) — 36W
  • Input voltage range — 220V to 240V
  • Warranty — 1 year


Aristo RO+UV water purifier is a good product from Blue Star with a portable and attractive design, and available in two colors of white and black. It has several important features which make it worth considering.

The RO+UV protection is double layered to ensure complete safe drinking water. RO gets rid of microorganisms, radioactive materials, dissolved impurities, and heavy metals, while the UV disintegrate and eliminate microorganisms such as a virus, bacteria, and cysts.

This water purifier has a unique feature known as Aqua Taste Booster (ATB), which improves the taste of purified water and maintains its PH level.

Copper impregnated activated carbon is used to get rid of all organic impurities present in the water that may give it a bad smell.

With its 6-stages of purification, you are sure of drinking pure and safe water with great taste.

This purification process uses different types of filter which include pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter with ATB, and UV lamp. 

After passing the water through this filtering process, the water obtained is free from all dissolved parties and completely safe from harmful microorganisms. 

It is important to mention that, all RO purifiers have a sediment filter, but this Blue Star Aristo water purifier is embedded with a super-fine sediment filter with 5 microns, to ensure the total removal of all suspended particles and dissolved impurities including fine sand, dust, and mud. 

The RO membrane of this purifier is high-quality and super-efficient. It offers a high purification capacity of 12 liters/hour and comes with a 7-liter water tank for storage of the purified water. 

Blue Star Aristo water purifier has important indicators such as a Tank full indicator and Purification indicator. Also, the low-pressure alert feature will give a signal if the input water pressure is below the rated value. 

If the UV lamp malfunctions, harmful microorganisms may be present in the water you drink. To avoid this, you’ll be alerted when the lamp needs replacement. This is to ensure that, the water is completely purified at all times. 

To avoid the wastage of water unnecessarily by kids, the Blue Star Aristo RO+UV water purifier has a child lock button on the tap. 

  • Good quality and easy to use
  • 6-stages of purification
  • Purification capacity of 12litres/hour
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • Low pressure and UV lamp failure alert
  • Child lock feature
  • Inferior quality tap
  • Product not working in normal water pressur

HAVELLS Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells India Ltd is a well-known brand in India. They manufacture quality electrical appliances and recently launched several variants of water purifiers in the market in 2018. The Company was founded in India in 1983 and has remained a very popular brand. 

Havell water purifier is considered as one of the best brands available for users, and are outstanding when compared to other brands of water filters. The latest addition is the Havell Max Alkaline 7-liter RO+UV water purifier. 

Water purifiers that have the ability to deliver alkaline water to its users are new in the market, and they are widely accepted. 


  • Dimension – 49 × 27.3 × 38.2cm
  • Weight – 8kg 
  • Storage capacity – 7litres
  • Body material – Food grade 
  • Installation type – Corner and wall mounting 
  • Purification technology – RO+UV purification 
  • Purification stages – 7 stages 
  • Purification capacity – Up to 15litres/hour
  • Power rating – 45W
  • Input voltage range – 230V, 50Hz


Havell Max Alkaline has a unique and compact design which makes it possible to be mounted in a corner. It comes in two colors of Navy blue and pearl white, with a transparent water storage tank. 

It uses one of the best purification technologies with 7-stages of RO+UV purification, to deliver pure alkaline water with a PH level of 8 to 10. 

With its compact design, it can be mounted on a straight wall, corner, or placed on a table. 

If the purified water is no longer safe for drinking, iProtect monitoring will cut off the water output. 

This pure drinking water is obtained by passing input water through the RO membrane and UV purification. 

By enhancing the alkaline taste of water, essential minerals are added and the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is reduced to give tastier water rich in antioxidants. 

Water molecules are restructured by Havells Max Alkaline water purifier to improve the alkalinity, hydration, PH level, and mineral absorption. 

The filter also has an advanced electrical protection system to guard it against damage caused by fluctuations in voltages. This means that the purifier does not perform well if the supplied voltage is below 170V or above 330V. 

With a soft touch, zero splash faucet, there is a smooth flow of hygienic water with no wastage of water. Also, there are indicators and error alert features which gives convenience to the user. 

Such indicators include Purification ON, Self-diagnostic, and Tank full indicators. Error alerts are SV, UV, or Pump malfunction. 

Dust, insects, and other particles cannot invade and contaminate the content of the tank due to the Ingress Protection tank cover, and the tank can be removed easily for cleaning.

Havells India Ltd offers a flexible 1-year warranty plan to its customers by sending an expert representative to check the products periodically and ensure that it is working efficiently. 

  • Attractive design
  • Gives great taste to water
  • Built-in pre-filter
  • Balances the PH level
  • Reduce TDS in water
  • No PH meter

EUREKA FORBES Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UV+MTDS 6-liters Burgundy Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Ltd is a multi-product company in India and a major player in health and hygiene. 

As a subsidiary of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, its product portfolio includes water/ air purification, home security, and vacuum cleaning. 

They have millions of satisfied customers in major towns and cities of India and worldwide. 

Eureka Forbes is a prominent direct selling company in India with numerous international awards for its innovations in technology, and they have adopted Aquaguard as its flagship water purifier brand. 


  • Dimension – 30.8 × 21.7 × 41.2cm
  • Weight – 6kg
  • Storage capacity – 6litres
  • Body material – Food grade plastic 
  • Installation type – Wall mounting and table top
  • Purification technology – RO+UV+MTDS Technology 
  • Purification stages – 6 stages
  • Power rating – 45W
  • Operating voltage – 230V, 50Hz
  • Warranty – 1 year


If what you’re looking for in a water purifier is a simple and elegant design with a good purification system, then this Eureka Forbes Aquaguard splash RO+UV+MTDS water purifier will make an excellent choice.

Aquaguard splash has a compact and beautiful design that will not take much space in your kitchen.

The dispensing tap is fixed to the bottom of this filter which must be pulled to dispense water and there is no glass holder. 

Aquaguard splash offers advanced RO+UV+MTDS technology. By using the TDS regulator, you can adjust the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the water to suit your needs without losing essential minerals. 

There are 6-stages of purification in the Aquaguard splash which gives it an excellent purification system. With the MTDS regulator, the water filter can purify different sources of water and adjust the TDS up to 2000mg/liters, to eliminate the bad taste. 

Aquaguard splash has a small storage capacity of 6-liters tank which is enough for a small family. 

The material of the tank is long-lasting, non-toxic, and made from food-grade plastic. 

The storage tank can be filled in half an hour, though this depends on how long you’ve used the filters and the quality of water. 

With the smart energy-saving mode of this purifier, power is turned off automatically to save on your energy bill when the water tank is filled and automatically starts the purification again when the level of water decreases. 

Fluctuation in voltage cannot cause damage to this filter, because it is protected by a built-in Voltage Fluctuation Damage Protection. 

There are indicators on this water filter to signal an error in the purification process such as low water pressure, but it doesn’t have an indicator for water level. 

  • Simple and attractive body
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Has voltage fluctuation damage protection
  • 6 stages of water purification
  • No water level indicator
  • No glass holder


After going through this RO water purifier buying guide, you should be able to make a quick decision on the best RO water filter to buy. 

We’ve listed the different purification technologies offered by these purifiers, and the best option is the one with a combination of all these purifying methods.

New brands of water purifiers offer multiple filtrations with RO+UV+UF+TDS controller. 

Also, the best water purifier should be able to purify all sources of water for home use. 

From this list, Kent Grand Plus 8-liter Controller purifier is a good choice. It can filter different sources of water and adjust the pH level with the TDS controller, to give a refreshing taste. It has a double purification process with RO+UV+UF+TDS to remove various impurities. 

Another high-quality water purifier from this list is Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS water purifier. It has 6 stages of purification and it is budget-friendly. 

There is also a TDS controller for adjusting the taste of water for preference. It purifies various sources of water including tap water, bore well, and tanker. It is currently the bestselling RO water purifier on Amazon India. 

For the records, these are the Best RO water purifiers in India suitable for home use, but we will update the list regularly. 

Have you used another brand of RO water purifiers and want to share your experience with us? Do you have questions related to the buying guide for water purifiers? Feel free to interact with us in the comment section. 

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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