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7 Best Geysers To Buy in India in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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It is not easy picking the best geysers seeing that there are hundreds of geysers brands on the market today. You have to consider a lot of factors including your budget, electricity consumption, the mode of operation, durability, capacity, efficiency, capacity, and safety among other features before you pick your geyser. This can be overwhelming especially if you are buying geysers for the first time.

The main advantage that you have when you go shopping for a water heater is that there are numerous geyser brands giving you a wide selection to choose from. Because you cannot go testing all heaters available on the market, we have done this simple research and guide to help you pick one out with ease.

When you go out shopping, your first choice will be to choose the type and capacity of geyser you need. A geyser is either instant or storage type. Instant heater heat water as it comes off the faucet or shower while storage heaters heat water in a tank. Of course, each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages as we will see below. Besides that, you need to pick a geysers capacity based on your needs. After picking geysers based on type and capacity, you can now go on and consider other features.

Read on to learn more on top geysers and how to pick one that meets your needs:

7 Best Geysers to Buy in India – Our Top Choices for 2021

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Image Geysers Name Storage Capacity Our Rating Price (Amazon affiliate links)
AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater 15 Litres 9.1 Check Price
American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx 15 Litres 9.0 Check Price
V-Guard 25-Liter Water Heater 25 Litres 8.9 Check Price
Racold Andris 10w 10-Litre Geyser 10 Litres 8.7 Check Price
Bajaj Calenta 15-Litre Water Heater 15 Litres 8.5 Check Price
Havells Monza EC-5S 15-Litre Water Heater 15 Litres 8.4 Check Price
V-Guard Pebble 15-Litre Storage Water Heater 15 Litres 8.3 Check Price

Detailed Reviews of 7 Top-Rated Geysers in India


AO Smith HSE-SDS-15

Compact and affordable

The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 is a storage water heater with a capacity of 15 liters. This makes it ideal for a family of not more than 3 people who need water almost instantly. The tank is multi-colored and occupies less space on your wall; it enhances the look of your walls. Again, it is offered at a relatively good price.

Key Features

Coated Heating Element and Inner Tank

To ensure that hard water does not damage your heating element, this geysers sports a glass coating on the element that keeps scale and buildup away. When the scale does not form on the heating element, you are sure your geysers will have a long lifespan.

Besides the element, the tank also sports a blue diamond glass lining that aims at lengthening the life of your tank. The blue diamond lining makes the tank stronger and corrosion resistant for efficient running.

Temperature Control and Anode Rod

If you do not need very hot water, you can set the geyser to heat water up to 25 degrees and when you need hot water, you set it at any reading up to 75 degrees. When the water heats to the maximum set level, a fitted thermal cutout will cut out the power supply for safety and power efficiency. The unit is also fitted with a safety valve that releases water from the tank in case pressure builds inside the tank higher than the preset limit.

The manufacturer added an anode rod in the tank that fights corrosive elements. This rod features a stainless steel core and runs on special cathodic action to keep away elements that might corrode your geyser.

4-Year Warranty

The heating element comes with a 2-year warranty, which you can extend to 4 years if you register your unit within 60 days of purchase. All other parts come with a 2-year warranty.


  • 15 liters capacity
  • Runs on 2000w power
  • Temperature ranges between 25 and 75 degrees Centigrade
  • Water pressure rated 8 Bar
  • Offered with a generous 4-year warranty on the heating element
  • Designed with maximum protection against corrosion
  • You can use it with hard water without damaging it
  • It has a power cutout feature and a safety value to conserve power and keep you safe
  • Offered at a great price
  • Tank is colorful and does not occupy much space on your wall
  • The company is located only in major cities and as such, free installation may not be offered in rural areas

American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx

Favourite of small families

This geyser is designed for small families. It has a capacity of 15 liters with a wattage of 2000w. This makes it fast when heating and gives it enough capacity to heat water for three people, or even five depending on how water is to be used. It sports a beautiful finish that adds to your interior house aesthetics. Installing the unit is easy and you can even get a free installation from the manufacturer.

Key Features

All installation accessories offered

You are offered mounting bolts, safety valves, and an easy-to-follow installation manual to get you started. Even better, you might get free installation with the purchase of these geysers.

Lined Tank

The tank of these geysers is glass-lined to ensure that it does not corrode even when you use hard water. Its glass lining keeps away elements from reaching the tank thereby enhancing the lifespan of your tank. The tank is rated 8 Bar pressure and comes with a safety valve that releases water whenever the pressure goes higher than that. Though it can withstand high pressure, it is fitted with a valve to ensure the pressure does not damage the tank.

The inner tank is 2mm thick for pressure endurance and durability. Even better, it is fitted with an anode rod that keeps corrosion elements further away from your tank for even longer life.

Three power settings

To save on electricity while giving you the hot water you need, these geysers come with three heat settings including 800W, 1200W and 2000W. With these three power modes, the geysers run optimally to save power. It also has variable temperature control allowing you to set it at the temperature of your choice.

Besides, it is fitted with an automatic cutout feature that switches off power supply when the water hits preset temperature. The tank also features a number of safety features that protects it from overheating, excess pressure, corrosion, and electric shock. Not only is the tank protected from damage, but you and your family are also protected from injuries.


  • 15 liters capacity
  • Three power modes up to 2000w
  • White finish
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Fitted with a horde of safety features to keep your protected
  • Three power modes ensure that the unit saves power at all times
  • Can be used with hard water thanks to glass tank lining
  • Offered at a great price
  • Can handle pressure up to 8 bar thanks to 2mm thick tank
  • The heating element is not lined and thus prone to corrosion and other elements

V-Guard 25-Liter Water Heater

Powerful appliance for large families

The V-Guard Victo has created for large families thanks to its large storage capacity; up to 8 family members. It sports a quality stainless steel tank that has a lining for durability. It also comes with a powerful heating element and a horde of safety features just for you.

Key Features

Temperature Control

To ensure you get the exact degree of temperature you need, this water heater is fitted with a temperature control knob. If you ever get water that is not as hot as you need, all you have to do is adjust the temperature from the knob.

Quality Build

The Victo is built to last long. The outer part of the tank sports high-quality steel with an-corrosive coating for durability. The coating keeps the tank safe even when you use it in the humid environment of your bathroom. The inner part of the tank sports thick-gauge steel with a glass lining to ensure corrosion, scales, and sediments from hard water do not damage the tank. Even better, the tank features strong PUF insulation that lets it keep water hot for long. This way, you can always get hot water whenever you need it. Besides, keeping hot water for long saves your power.

Safety Features

This geyser comes with a 4-layer safety system. It starts with a smart thermostat and a thermal cutout which, in combination, ensure precise temperature regulation and that your unit does not overheat. When the temperature hits the preset point, the power supply is cut off. There are also multifunctional valves that ensure the tank pressure does not go above 8 bars to protect your water heater tank. Lastly, there is a magnesium anode that protects the tank from corrosion.


  • 25 liters capacity
  • 2000W
  • 2-year warranty on tank, 1-year warranty on the heating element, 3-year additional warranty on tank
  • White finish
  • The tank is made of high quality materials for durability
  • It is fitted with a large enough tank for a large family setup
  • Comes with a horde of safety features to keep you protected
  • It has smart features such as a thermostat to further protect you
  • Easy temperature control knob
  • The warranty period, especially for the heating element, is still less

Racold Andris 10w 10-Litre Geyser

Perfect for small families

The Racold Andris 10w 10-Litre Geyser is a little water heater for a small family. At only 10 liters, the water heater only heats enough water for three or four family members. However, it is designed efficient and rugged enough to withstand hard water and elements within your bathroom. It is also easy to install and is offered with all the installation accessories that you might need.

Key Features

Inlet Flow Control

Unlike many other tanks on the market today, this water heater is fitted with a unique inlet flow control that lets you regulate the amount of water that goes into the tank. This way, the heater works efficiently to produce more hot water than conventional heaters. You also save power when you do not need all 10 liters of hot water.

Quality Heating Element in a Lined Tank

This heating element is rated 2 kW and is fitted with a titanium enameled heating element. This element is not only fast in heating your water but with its enamel coat, it is also protected from corrosion that may result from using hard water. The tank of this heater has a glass lining that keeps it free of corrosion for durability.

The tank has a thick polyurethane insulating layer to keep your water hot for long and save energy while at it.

Pressure control

You can regulate the temperature of the water as you desire. Even better, the tank can withstand pressure up to 8 Bar after which it lets out water through the pressure valve. It is fitted with a couple of safety features to not only control pressure and temperature but also cut off the power supply to enhance your safety.


  • 10 liters capacity
  • 2000 W
  • White finish
  • 2-year product warranty, 3-year warranty on the heating element, 5-year warranty on inner tank
  • Product offered with a generous warranty on heating element and inner tank
  • You can control the amount of water you heat to save on electricity
  • Fitted with safety features to keep your safe and save on electricity
  • Sports an attractive appearance to match your bathroom or kitchen
  • High quality heating element
  • Its 10-Litre capacity cannot meet the needs of a large family

 Bajaj Calenta 15-Litre Water Heater

Wins your heart with smart features

Bajaj Calenta is a multipurpose hot water heater that comes with a high energy efficiency rating. It is ideal for small and medium-sized families and even families of up to 8 people who do not need water at the same time. The heater sports smart features, such as a temperature dial.

Key Features

Quality Build

This geyser is designed strong to withstand elements and last long. Its tank has a glass lining that protects it from corrosion and from the scales that come off of hard water. The outer tank is made of strong ABS plastic that is rust free and strong to withstand continuous high temperatures from the heating element. It’s heating element is also high quality to heat your water fast.

Great Warranty

The tank of this heater has a 7-year warranty, it’s heating element has a 3-year warranty and the product itself has a 2-year warranty. Until the product is 2 years old, you will get a free service from the manufacturer.

Energy Efficiency

To save energy and ensure you have hot water for longer, this water heater is fitted with PUF insulation. This insulation ensures you can still get hot water a few hours after switching off the heater. This is made better by the fact that there are power cutout features that ensure once the temperature hits a set point, the power supply is cut off. On the front side of the tank, there is a temperature indicator dial so you can know how hot the temperature is at all times. The 5-star energy rating on the heating element shows that the heater will conserve energy considerably to slash down your power bills.


  • Type: storage geyser
  • 15-liter capacity
  • 2000W
  • Blue and Brown finish
  • Offered at a great price-quality ratio
  • Meets the needs of small and big family setups
  • It is fitted with a high quality heating element to heat water fast
  • It has an attractive design to add to your home interior décor
  • It is easy to install and comes with all needed accessories
  • Fitted with safety features to keep your protected
  • Highly efficient in energy consumption
  • Has a temperature indicator showing you exact temperature
  • Great 7-year warranty on the tank
  • The outer tank is made of plastic which is less durable compared to other materials such as steel

Havells Monza EC-5S 15-Litre Water Heater

From the house of Havells

Havells is one of the most popular manufacturers of water heaters. Their Monza EC comes in different capacities including this 15-liter model to meet the needs of different families. You can install a smaller unit in your kids’ bathroom, a bigger one in your kitchen and a medium sized one in your (parents) bathroom. The unit features a sleek ivory design to add to the aesthetics of your interior design. At the lower end of the tank is a large knob to regulate the temperature from the lowest to the highest. There are lights on each side of this knob to show when the geyser is heating water and when the power is on.

Key Features

Modern technology

This unit is engineered with feroglas technology sporting a single weld design to make it durable and enhance functionality. With its strong build, the tank is able to resist high pressure and resist elements within your bathroom and in the water being heated. Even better, it is fitted with a heavy-duty anode that keeps away corrosion elements to protect the tank and enhance durability.

The Incoloy heating element not only heats your water fast but also stays resistant to elements within the tank. If you are using hard water in your house, know that the tank and the heating elements are protected.

Energy Efficiency and Safety Features

To save energy, the tank on this water heater is fitted with high-density PUF insulation. The insulation keeps water hot for longer to save on energy. The unit protects you from shock thanks to its earth leakage circuit breaker. Each unit is start rated for energy efficiency according to standards set by BEE.

Adjustable Temperature

You can adjust the temperature of water to heat from lows of 25 degrees C and 75 degrees C. The water tubes are designed with whirl flow technology to ensure that there is no damage to any of the electrical parts when water splashes.

The water tank is made of cold rolled steel. This makes the tank highly durable and extra thick to resist pressure and the high temperature that comes from the heating element. This way, you are assured that your tank will last long enough.


  • 15 liters capacity
  • Ivory finish
  • 2000W
  • Offered with mounting brackets
  • 5-year warranty on inner container
  • 2-year comprehensive product warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Design with cold rolled steel for durability
  • Fitted with safety features
  • Modern technology design for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Sleek design adds to the beauty of your house
  • Large heating capacity
  • Offered at a relatively higher price

V-Guard Pebble 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Good looking and saves on energy

V-Guard has a couple of water heater models most of which sport a great design and a wide array of features. The Pebble 15-litre water heater was designed to meet all your family hot water needs while saving on your energy consumption.

Key Features


The EPAC tank, Engineered Polymer Anti-Corrosion, is one of the unique features of this water heater. The technology behind the creation and engineering of this tank ensures that the tank stays protected from any form of corrosion and from scales and sediments from hard water. This increases the lifespan of the tank significantly.

The outer tank is offered in a range of 6 colors for you to choose from. Three of the options sport a metallic finish and the three other sport a non-metallic finish. These finishes ensure that the heater can match the décor in different bathrooms.

Quality Incoloy Heating Element

The heating element on this unit is made of Incoloy 800 material coupled with magnesium oxide powder filling for superior heating performance. This also enhances the life of the heating element. To ensure the element is safe from elements and scales from hard water, it is coated with vitreous enamel.

Whirlflow Technology

Whirlflow water tubes are a revolutionary technology that is seen on most new water heaters. Here, the inflow of cold water is evenly dispersed to ensure that the cold water does not mix with hot water inside the tank. This ensures that you have a continuous flow of hot water at all times. Again, technology optimizes the use of energy.

Strong Tank to Withstand Pressure

The tank of this unit is designed to withstand high pressure making it an ideal choice for those who are living in high rise building. It can withstand up to 8 Bar pressure after which the pressure valve lets out the pressure. The pressure valve is also designed in a way that it prevents backflow of water in the event there is an interruption of water supply.

Sacrificial Anode to Reduce Corrosion

There is a sacrificial magnesium anode that keeps corrosion elements away from the inner tank. This makes the tank a good choice for users who use hard water.


  • 15 liters capacity
  • 2000 Watts
  • 7-year inner tank warranty
  • 4-year heating element warranty
  • 2-year overall product warranty
  • 6-colour finishes
  • Comes in a range of colours to meet the décor of different bathrooms
  • The tank is designed strong enough to withstand elements
  • Whirlflow technology ensures you have a steady flow of hot water
  • High energy efficiency; comes with 5-star rating from BEE
  • Sports a sleek design
  • High quality coated heating element
  • Great price for its quality
  • Installation service does not reach customers in rural areas

How to Choose Geyser in India?

Should you buy instant or storage geyser?

An instant geyser is great when you need water instantly. This type of geyser exists as a small wall mounting that doesn’t occupy much space. The main advantage of instant geyser, however, is that you will get hot water immediately you switch it on. The water from these instant heaters may not be as hot as from storage geysers since you are using it immediately. Sometimes during your hot water use, an instant geyser might have to break and you wait for water. They are available for up to 10 liters, their prices are a little higher and their lifespan longer.

Storage geysers are great when you need very hot water, and you do not need it immediately of course. These come with hot water reservoirs; as water heats, it is stored in reservoirs for your later use. Granted, the units will occupy much more space than instant heaters. These heaters are considered less expensive and less durable than the instant heaters. You can get a storage heater of up to 35 liters making them ideal when you have a large family.

Geyser Capacity

How much hot water do you need at your home at any one time? Knowing this will help you choose the most appropriate geyser capacity to install. A good geyser capacity should match the volume of hot water you need at once. If you are a family of 2 or 3 members and you need a geyser to heat water for bathing in a bucket, a storage geyser capacity of between 6 and 15 liters will work just perfectly. If you choose to go for an instant geyser, you can pick one that is between 1 and 3 liters.

A family of between 4 and 8 people needs a storage geyser capacity of up to 25 liters to have enough water for bathing. Note that when you are bathing using a shower, and not a bucket, you will need more hot water.

Geyser Wattage

How fast do you want hot water? If you need it very, almost instantly even with a storage geyser, you need to buy a geyser with a higher wattage. Wattage determines how fast the geyser heats water. You will have hot water immediately with a 4.5kW geyser unlike with a 2kW geyser which may take a few minutes to heat water. Higher wattage also saves electricity as you do not have to let the water run out before the first hot water comes out.

Geyser for Hard Water and High Rise Building

There are many people with hard water problems in India. When you heat hard water often, the lifespan of your geyser is shortened, and this is nothing you’d like. To stay safe, choose a geyser fitted with a corrosion resistant tank. A vitreous enamel finish on a water tank will give you great service. You can also use a water softener to ensure that the heating element and other components of your geyser are not destroyed.

If you are buying a water heater to install in high-rise buildings, ensure that you get one with a pressure control valve and a strong tank. A pressure control valve protects your tank from damage.

Other Factors

You can look for additional features on a geyser; including smart thermostats that can notify you of the water temperature on your mobile phone and any other smart feature. You should also consider the warranty of the geyser and other services offered by the seller.

Consider the material and the finish of the water heater tank and heating element. A tank which is at least 2mm thick and is made of steel will last long and withstand pressure and temperature better than one which is made of plastic.

A good finish mirrors the décor of your bathroom or kitchen. Most units have a white finish but some are colored to create an attractive look. For finishes, choose according to your tastes and preferences.

Summing Up

Your budget will determine the geyser you buy. Geysers are offered in a wide range of prices starting from as low as ₹ 3,000 to as high as ₹ 12,000 or even more. If you want to buy the best quality geyser on a budget, you will be forced to go for one with a small capacity such as 10 liters or less. Geysers will high capacity, such as 35 liters, are the most expensive and for a good reason.

Once you have your budget and your needs set out, you can now choose a good-quality geyser. Always go for a geyser that is long-lasting. The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater (Affiliate Link) and American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx (Affiliate Link) are the top water heaters according to our reviews. They both have a capacity of 15 liters making them ideal for small and big families alike. They are made of high-quality materials to withstand elements inside the tank as a result of hard water and outside the tank. They are also fitted with a horde of safety features to ensure they keep you and your family protected. Even better, they are both energy efficient.

Geysers are made mainly of steel or ABS plastic tanks. While ABS plastic is strong and does not rust, steel is stronger and lasts longer. Always ensure that the steel is coated/lined with glass to protect it from corrosion and from hard water. A coated heating element will also last longer as it is safe from elements.

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