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About Us

We had one mission while creating this online resource SuperSeven.Tech – To enable consumers to make smart choices when they want to buy something. The mission was as simple as that. However, the journey to accomplish that mission was challenging, interesting and fulfilling. Super Seven Tech is was born to create a smartly curated list of choices (strictly 7) for any category of product to help YOU to make an informed choice.

Why Super Seven?


Given the unlimited options for any product category, the blessing of having so many options has quickly turned into a curse, usually a curse of overwhelming. A backfire which numbs and keeps you from making an informed decision before buying. You end up buying based on word of mouth of impulse or gut feeling of a particular product. We at SuperSeven.Tech advocate and suggest that you need to scan through the best 7 products for making an intelligent buy. And those are the 7 products which we choose FOR YOU based upon our immense research, comparing hundreds of products, applying our manual expertise and what not. So you will have a curated list of top 7 products in front of you for any category.

No more going through hundreds and thousands of products and wasting your time. We have done the hard work. Now, all you need to make is an informed choice by looking at Super Seven products.

We write detailed, meaningful, neutral reviews and comparisons of the products. We don’t accept FREE products for reviews.

Thanks for being here. What are you looking to buy today?

Super Seven Tech Reviews
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