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7 Best Oximeters to Buy in India – Reviews & Buyers Guide – May 2021

Looking for the best pulse oximeter to buy online in India? Here are the top 7 recommendations and reviews of the top 7 picks.
good pulse oximeter

Since the pandemic that started in late 2019, oxygen level in one’s body has become one of the vital indicators of the severity of the covid infection. And more and more people guaranteeing themselves at home and recovering, a pulse oximeter device became popular than ever before. In fact, it became a ‘must-have’ device if you are treating yourselves at home for mild symptoms or asymptomatic infections.

Now, buying a pulse oximeter is seemingly easy. Hop onto a popular website and choose the one that has the highest review stars and click add to cart. Well, this approach could work well, but you still need to know certain aspects before buying an oximeter. In this article, we are going to uncover the pointers to buy the best oximeter in India in 2021. We have also shortlisted our curated list of the 7 best sp02 oxymeters to buy so that you have a starting point for choosing the right one for your needs.

Overwhelmed and unable to decide which oximeter to choose from the sea of options? Well, the good news is our team has done the manual work of going through hundreds of oximeters and compared them in detail to create a top 7 list for helping you to choose the best.

7 Best Oximeters to Buy in India – May 2021 Curated Collection

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Image Oximeter Name Key Features SuperSeven Rating Price (amazon affiliate links)
DR VAKU® Swadesi Pulse Oximeter spO2 , pulse measurement, digital display, 20 hours battery life, automatic power shutoff 9.6 Check Price
Hesley Pulse Oximeter spO2 measurement, Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index, Heart Rate monitoring, LED display, 24 hours battery life 9.4 Check Price
OXYSAT – Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter SpO2, Perfusion Index and Pulse Rate readings, OLEDs Display and 18 months warranty 9.3 Check Price
BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter spO2 reading, pulse rate, perfusion index, alarm indication, clinical alert function, 20 hours battery life 9.2 Check Price
Mievida Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter FDA & CE approved, OLED display, spO2, pulse rate measurements, visual alarm 9.2 Check Price
MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter spO2, pulse rate, perfusion index, auto power shutoff, 1 year warranty, water resistent, LED screen 9.1 Check Price
Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter spO2, pulse rate, perfusion index measurements. Alarm and other settings. OLED screen. Water resistent 9.0 Check Price

Detailed Reviews of 7 Best Pulse Oximeters to buy in 2021


Dr Vaku Swadesi Pulse Oximeter

Best oximeter overall
Dr.Vaku Oximeter
Dr. Vaku’s Oximeter is the best oximeter overall. It has got all the features (must-have and nice-to-have) that one has to have in a good oximeter. Priced just right, we are sure you won’t go wrong with this one.

Dr. Vaku’s oximeter (Amazon affiliate link) is a well-designed oximeter that can measure your oxygen saturation levels with great accuracy. The display provided is nice and can display various kinds of data including small graphs. You can also get readings of your pulse rate. The graphic display is dynamic and can be rotated in any direction. The device automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity, thus saving power. You will get 20 hours of battery life (while ON) with 2 AAA batteries. We felt that the battery life is pretty good. You will get a 6 monthly warranty.

  • Highly accurate readings
  • Great battery life of 20 hours
  • Rotatable display
  • Auto power shutoff feature
  • 6 months warranty period
  • Made in India
  • Doesn’t measure perfusion index. Again, that’s an optional feature

Hesley Pulse Oximeter

Professional and rich in features
hesley oximeter
Hesley Oximeter occupies one of the top slots in our ranking owing to its amplitude of features and its design. It’s super easy to use and it’s determined to be your health companion during this pandemic.

Hesley impressed us with its portable, eye-catching design. It’s not just designed, Hesley excels in almost all departments that we looked in the best oximeter. Apart from its core feature of measuring oxygen, Hesley can measure your pulse as well with very high accuracy. This device comes with a technology that’s approved by FDA and CE. We felt this is a big validation success for the product itself. This oximeter is very easy to operate and has an OLED multidirectional display. It has an automatic power shutoff feature and one can easily expect 24 hours of battery life from two AAA batteries.

Speaking about additional features and controls, this oximeter has alarm (both audio and visual) to indicate abnormal readings and is splash/drop resistent. It can also measure perfusion index and one can see a graph of pulse rate wave. It has 12 memory functions.

  • High accuracy in measuring spO2, pulse
  • Can measure perfusion index
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water resistent
  • Drop resistent
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Auto power shut off
  • OLED display
  • Price is little expensive when compared to others in the same segment

OxySat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Great display
Oxysat oximeter
OxySat oximeter is our one more favorite when it comes to oximeters with all features. This has a beautiful display and compact design.

OxySat offers almost all required readings such as spO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index readings. It has got a very good display and comes with 18 months of warranty. Oxysat has a compact design and boasts a wide range of features such as auto power shut-off, anti-shaking, and 1-touch operations. We are impressed with the extended warranty this device comes with. An excellent choice if you are looking for a good oximeter at an affordable price in India.

  • Can measure multiple types of readings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly accurate
  • 18 months warranty
  • Anti-shaking and auto power off
  • Made in India
  • 1-touch operations
  • An alarm feature would have been a good addition

BPL Smart Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The return of the mega brand
BPL brand oximeter
The brand BPL is back with a bang. A household name a few decades ago is back with its winning product BPL smart fingertip pulse oximeter. It has got a full range of features including must-haves and nice-to-haves. Comes with an aggressive price offering. We couldn’t resist featuring this one in our top 7 list.

Remember BPL? Well, it was a household name a few decades ago and then it couldn’t keep up with the pace with the rapid technological changes that took place, especially in TV and phone segments. Well, the good news is BPL is still active in the medical electronics area and their oximeter is a perfect testimony, showcasing BPLs vision for unmatched quality and innovation.

This smart oximeter from BPL (Amazon affiliate link) integrates 6 display modes and boasts a very user-friendly design. This device can measure spO2 levels in your body, pulse rate, and perfusion index with a high degree of accuracy. It has an alarm function to alert in the case of abnormal reading detection. Enjoy the auto-shut-off feature if you keep forgetting to switch this tiny device off. Overall, it a highly recommended oximeter in 2021.

  • Measures multiple type of vitals
  • Auto power shut off
  • Alarm indicators for abnormal readings
  • 6 display modes
  • Clinical alert function
  • Compact design
  • Sometimes the reading will take some time to display. That’s a negligible thing to notice.

Mievida Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Approved by FDA and CA
Mievida pulse oximeter
Another great pick to be featured on our top 7 list is Mievida Finger Tip Oximeter. With its FDA/CA-approved design, it’s a perfect oximeter for monitoring your oxygen levels at home, clinic, and other setups.

The first thing you will notice in this oximeter (Amazon affiliate link)is its apple-like white-bodied design. It looks very premium and the bright display is excellent. The OLED display allows you to see readings in bright, dark, and sunny atmospheres or environments. Mievida is suitable and safe for being used by people of all ages including children.

As mentioned earlier, we loved the compact design and this device offers readings with high accuracy. It’s easy to use and carry. A definite value for money product.

  • Can read pulse, spO2 vitals
  • Fast and accurate
  • Comes with OLED screen
  • Visual indicator with alarms
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto power shutoff
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • It’s a non-returnable product

MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

An excellent consideration
meditive oximeter
A top performer along with excellent add-on features. MEDITIVE oximeter impresses you with its full range of features. A high level of reading accuracy along with accessories makes it a very reliable device that you can trust

This device has several additional and innovative features when compared to the other oximeters that were reviewed in this post. For example, it comes with a lanyard to wear around your neck while you are traveling or if you are a physician. A well-constructed design and a large display make it a decent product upon which you can depend.

This product comes with a 1 year warranty and it can measure spO2, pulse rate and resiparatory rate with high levels of accuracy. The pricing is just similar to the other ones that we examined in this article. Our honest suggestion? Go for it.

  • Can measure spO2, PR,RR
  • Large display
  • 1 year warranty
  • Measures perfusion index
  • Various graphs can be displayed
  • Easy to use
  • Customer support could have been better

Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Wins your heart with its accuracy and features
While Dr. Trust could be the most expensive product in our features collections, it also enjoys being one of the most trusted oximeters out there. The superior construction and a wide range of features are determined to win your heart.

Dr.Trust oximeter surely one of the popular and sturdy oximeters we have seen. It could be a little expensive than others, but it has got all the reasons to justify that. This product can measure oxygen levels, pulse rate, perfusion index accurately and shows results in the form of a graph on an OLED screen.

Being very user friendly to use, this product comes with additional features such as alarm alerts, water resistence and auto power shut offs. Indian player Rohit Sharma endorses this product.

  • Great design
  • Water resistent
  • Visual indicators
  • Highly accurate readings
  • Alarm settings
  • Multi-directional OLED screen
  • This is adult sized oximeter. Not suitable for children

How to Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter?

8 Features to Consider

Accuracy Level of the Readings

Thankfully most of the oximeters can read your spO2 levels up to 99-100% accuracy, you still need to check if it’s offering at least 99% accuracy. Because sometimes 2 or 3 percent incorrect readings can make a lot of difference in patient’s conditions and next action to take. Read the online instructions specifically to ascertain if the device is close to 100% accurate in delivering the readings.

You need to follow the right way to use an oximeter to get very accurate readings.
Is it Water Resistent?

At a surface level a oximeter being water resistant may not appear as a big deal, but it is a big deal. Given the scenario that an oximeter is a portable tiny device, it carries a risk of getting into water sprays or drops depending upon some situations. So why not go for a device that’s water resistent atleast, if not water proof.

Can it Measure Pulse Rate too?

A must have feature in the oximeter you are going to buy. Make sure it measures your pulse rate as well.

Can it Measure Perfusion Index?

A perfusion index shows how strong or weak the pulse is. A good-to-have feature in the oximeter. Make sure the new oximeter has this feature.

Does it has automatic Sleep Mode?

A good power-saving feature. Check if the automatic power shut-off feature is provided with this oximeter or not. It’s recommended to have this feature.

Alarm Indicators

A good-to-have feature is whether the oximeter is capable of producing an alert or alarm in case of any major issues noted during reading? A buzzer would help user to understand the criticalness of the readings and get the medical help immediately. These days many oximeters come with these features.

What is the Battery Life?

Being tiny devices, oximeters don’t consume much battery life. However choose a device that has decent battery life. There is no cutoff hours to mention but you get our point.

Display Type

It’s not a big addition to the device but checking about display quality won’t hurt you. These days oximeters come with OLED displays. Just understand that, your overall price of the oximeter is derived from all these features.

What is the Warranty Period?

A very important consideration while buying an oximeter. You must know about the selling brand regarding their warranty policy and customer support process. Check their website and see if they have an easy way to reach out to them via chat or email so that your issues are immediately addressed. Most of the oximeters come with a 6 monthly warranty. You should be good with that once you have located key ways to reach out to the seller in case any support is needed with your purchased device.


Hope you found this round-up of the top 7 oximeters useful. The idea behind this top 7 list was to reduce your research time and offer you a good starting point. Oximeters are proven a lifesaver in various situations and have become a vital device during this pandemic. You can monitor your oxygen levels and make an informed decision on what to do next. Even several governments have suggested keeping oximeters as a key part of your arsenal while battling mild infections.

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